Happenings at the Club week of 10-18-2017

Coming Up:

This Saturday we have the last work of the 2017 season. We have the remaining three boats to haul. The tide is mid-day so we’ll gather at 11 AM and haul the final three boats.The Regatta Room is open on Wednesdays for the season. Enjoy the Pub Menu from 5 to 9, the bar opens at 5.

We will be serving in the Club Dining Room on Friday with our ala Carte menu and a few specials. Sunday we will feature the pub menu served in the Club Dining Room from 1 pm. Please reserve early as we need 

to provision and staff properly. For the buffet fans, we will begin our Last Sunday of the Month Buffet on Sunday, October 29th.

Football season is here; enjoy a game, sip a drink and hang out with friends at your club. If the weather remains warm there will be a big screen on deck so we can enjoy the fresh air and the game. Order up some wings and enjoy a Sam Adams Boston Lager special during the games.

Speakeasy Party Reservations required

Wednesday, October 25th Chef Charlie Cooking Demo “Cooking with Potatoes”Friday, October 20th Speakeasy Party 8 pm

Trivia Night starts Saturday, Oct, 21st at 7:00 PM. Only three days to our first Trivia Night of the season. Calling all Valedictorians, Magna Cum Laudes, Jeopardy addicts and Cliff Clavin wannabees. Come join in the celebration of truly useless information and facts that won’t make you younger, taller, or better looking, but still is a great deal of fun. The bar opens at 7:00 PMalong with a light supper and the competition will start shortly after. Come down with a team of up to 8 people or show up and join a team. So if you know who was the female lead in “The Maltese Falcon”, or the name of the British general who surrendered at Yorktown or anything about science, please come play.

PC O’Rourke gets to play the role of Alex Trebek, asking the questions and enjoying rule #1. – The host is always right. (Right, Melissa?).

Also this month: Make your reservation for all events early

  • Friday October 27th SCYC Annual Meeting
  • Saturday October 28th Children’s Halloween Party

Autumn is upon us and, once again, it is time to clean out your lockers and take your small boats home. This needs to be done by Change of Seasons, November 4, 2017. There is no winter storage at the club. The racks need to be maintained and the locker room cleaned. Please cooperate and remove your personal items ASAP. Of course, if you are a frostbite sailor your lasers or sunfish may remain on the beach.

See you at the Club

To Make a Reservation for ALL events Click Here

Wednesday, October 18th
Pub Menu 5pm-9pm
Bar 5pm-11pm

Friday, October 20th
Bar 3pm-11pm
Dinner 6pm-9pm (Reservations Required)

Speakeasy Party 8-11pm Reservations Required (call the office)

Saturday, October 21st
Bar 12pm

Adult Trivia 7pm (Regatta Room)

Sunday, October 22nd
Bar 12pm-9pm

Dinner 5pm-8pm

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