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This Weekend-March 17th

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

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Trivia News

The SCYC Trivia Night was a close contest this past Saturday night.  Four teams; the Show Me The Money, No Ideas, Often Wrong But Never in Doubt and The Magnificent Seven (this time only 6) vied for the top prize, bottles of wine and chocolates. Tim Hylan, our March guest host, tested all with questions on gastronomy, the Gold Coast, March Madness and Woodstock. Also, knowing what brands of new cars available today in the US would have let you build up a pile of points. There are more than you think and there are some familiar names that no longer exist.  So long, Saab!


At the half all four teams were within 10 points of each other. Thanks to Michael Sears knowing Captain Pike was the first commander of Enterprise and that vanilla beans come from orchids and PC Harvey Bass knowing about the great Boston Molasses Tragedy and that the Pan Am Clipper terminated in Port Washington, Often Wrong went in to the finals with a one point lead over The Magnificent Seven (still only six).  


Tim thought our knowledge of signal flags was way more advanced then what was the reality. Trying to spell Sea Cliff out with the correct flags proved to be too much of a challenge for all involved and led to conservative wagering.  Often Wrong held its one point lead and took home the prize.  


Thanks to Tim and Lisa Hylan for putting together a terrific array of questions.


Our next and last trivia night is scheduled for April 13th.  It is not on the calendar so please be sure to mark the date.  Our surprise guest host is none other than our General Manager, Charlie Walsh. Who doesn’t think cooking will not be on the list of categories?  


Remember, points are not cumulative over the season, each contest stands alone, so any team can come in and win the last night of the season.  The bar opens at 7:00 with simple desserts served.  Play begins at 7:30.



Pool Tournament


Six players kicked off the first night of the March Pool Tournament; PC Arnemann, PC Carballal, PC Dickson, Steve McFadden and Jack Smorto and, glad to have him back, Pete Smorto.  It was great to see Pete back with a cue in his hand, prowling around the table.  Scratches seemed to be the theme of the night, with the 8 ball finding its way into too many unintended pockets.  Perhaps it was the long pool off season, or the slightly angled cue sticks, or just the pure lack of skill.  In the final game for the night, PC Arnemann pulled off the double scratch, sinking the cue ball AND putting the 8 ball in the wrong pocket.  Congratulations to the night’s “winner” PC Brad Dickson. Last man standing


Games continue for the next three Wednesdays, All adults and teens are welcome to participate. 



Summer Programs


Avoid late registration fees sign up today

Jr Sailing Registration Deadline is March 31!

The Children’s Summer Program is filling up fast so act quickly!!





Wednesdays through the season, our Pub Menu is available in the Regatta Room. The bar is open Friday from 3pm and at noon on Saturday and Sunday. We will be serving in the Club Dining Room on Friday with our ala Carte menu and a few specials. Please reserve early as we need to provision and staff properly.







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