It was a busy weekend at the club.

We started with Saturday trap shooting and a new record was set. Actually hitting one flying clay bird is tough for some, hitting numerous ones in a round of 25 is something to brag about. Shooting a perfect 25 kinda makes you famous. Shooting 50 in a row is darn near impossible, but not last weekend. Congratulations to Ken Chiarella who shot two perfect 25s in a row. That 50 is a new club record.

Saturday night was another installment of Adult Trivia, Appropriately boxes of chocolates and flowers greeted the contestants at the February SCYC Trivia Night. Last Saturday’s contest featured all things that occur in the month of February. Questions on such categories as Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents, The Olympics, The Westminster Dog Show, the Super Bowl and Black History Month challenged the 4 teams. The Magnificent Seven shot out to the lead, knowing that “I got you babe” by Sonny and Cher woke up Phil every morning in the movie Groundhog Day and the U2 was the first non American Band to perform in the Super Bowl halftime show. Fake News came roaring back with knowing the most popular dog breeds of the AKC’s Westminster Dog Show and when Martin Luther King won his Noble prize. The No Ideas hung in there and were bold betting almost all their points on the last question, “What was the highest number of members ever in the Sea Cliff Yacht Club, according to the SCYC Handbook”. Alas, they were off by a bit and dropped their point total. Coming from behind, the winners of the night, even though knowing almost nothing about sports, were the Often Wrong but Never in Doubts, as PC Harvey Bass knew, on the button, that membership peaked in 1947 at 400. As a side note, you had to be there to learn what were the most popular Valentine’s gifts in Kentucky, Wyoming, and Tennessee.

You won’t want to miss next month’s Trivia as our Commodore Brad Dickson and better half, Kathy will be performing the quizmaster role. And as we know, the quizmaster and Commodore are always right. The date is March 10th at 7:00 PM.
On Sunday our sailors still can’t catch a break or any wind. Nonexistent winds and rain forced us to postpone the Heartbreak Regatta to next week.

Sunday was also our First New Member Open House. It was well attended and we saw a lot of interest in the club from some nice families who visited. Thanks to the Membership Committee and the Staff for getting out the mailing and setting up the club, and thanks to all who came down on a rainy day to volunteer to show people around and tell them about our wonderful club.

The best part of Sunday was our Parent-Child Valentine’s Day Recipe Challenge. We had a maximum number of competitors — 6 teams. All had very different and delicious treats for us. From two kinds of chocolate to cookie stuffed brownies with a great chocolate mousse frosting, to blingy milkshakes, to pretzel crust and melty toffee, every dessert was a winner in a six-way tie. Congratulation goes to the Cross Family, the Maynard, Family the Connolly Family, the Brown Family, and the Pujdak Family with both kids competing.

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