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Our next Trivia night is Saturday, February 8th.  Just 10 days away. John Rogers is our host for the night.  We look forward to the usual teams as well as last month’s winner, Athena.  Of course new teams and players are always welcome.

February has many important dates; Groundhog Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and this year, Leap Day. Not saying there is a clue there but does give one pause.

The bar opens at 7:00 and play begins at 7:30.

Sailing News

Hello everyone – The weather cycle certainly hasn’t been in our favor in 2020 as 3 straight Sundays of moderate to strong northwesterly winds prevented the Ice Cube Regatta but last Sunday, the 26th, gave us a window and we took it! At times it looked as if the wind was returning to the prior three weeks but started out around 10 and only puffed to about 18. The 12 sailors had a great afternoon on 7 single and double windward-leeward courses. Mary Ellen Wefer and Charles Beitch did their usual great job at keeping the racing going quickly. Fortunately, the high tide permitted sailing to leeward of the starting line as the starts were competitive and important to success.

In the Laser fleet, Dan Rapelje was strong in the moderate breezes against Greg Hayes and his “tweener” sail. Sean Murphy, unfortunately, broke his tiller extension. He’ll be back!

For the Sunfish fleet, the racing was as competitive as ever. Everyone enjoyed the big waves and surfing conditions. Doug Wefer sailed consistently to edge Billy Sesack and Paul Wefer. It was great to have Lee Montes drop in for the Ice Cube Regatta (4th). Joe Beitch, Keith Maler, Dave Lawson, and Michael Johnson all had their own moments. Our youngest sailor, Nick Russo, did a great job until he lost his mainsheet and had to retire for the day.

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  1. Hi there,

    I was referred to you by Jim Koehler down at the Dinghy Shop. My son is 12 years old and has been sailing for a few years at Port Washington Yacht Club and absolutely loves to sail. He sails Optis through spring, summer and fall seasons both with PWYC and other programs (Waterfront Center and Dinghy Shop) and is looking to frostbite this winter.

    Jim suggested I reach out and inquire about my son possibly joining your frost biting program.

    Hoping you can put me in touch with the appropriate person to find out more and see if it’s possible for my son to join you guys.

    Feel free to reach out to me either on my cell 201-563-5731 or email

    Best regards,
    Sal Russo

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