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Sunday, September 16, 2018 Blow-out or no-wind date to be determined

Known as the MYCE/LYCE Regatta (Men’s Yacht Championship Event and Ladies Yacht Championship Event) of Sea Cliff Yacht Club.

Rules: The Regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) The Low Point scoring system will be used with one race excluded if 6 or more races are sailed.  Please note that for the LYCE Regatta no spinnakers will be used. A single 360 degree penalty turn will be in effect.

Entry Fee & Registration: There is no entry fee. To register please email the names of your team members to, by 1700 hours, Saturday, September 15th.

Boats:  To be sailed in the Club’s Ideal 18’s on Hempstead Harbor. Boats will be picked randomly for the regatta unless there are more entries than boats.

Eligibility & Teams: All participants must be members of Sea Cliff Yacht Club. For the LYCE the skipper and crew must be female and for the MYCE the skipper and crew must be male. A minimum of two (skipper and crew) are required.

Skipper’s Meetings will be held in the dining room on Sunday, September 16th. The LYCE Skippers’ meeting will be held at 1000 hours.  The MYCE Skippers’ meeting will be held at 1345 hours.

Start Time: LYCE & MYCE – As soon as possible after the Skippers’ meetings.

Number of Races: A minimum of 1 race in each event (LYCE & MYCE) will make a Regatta. A boat rotation will be determined if the number of teams is greater than the number of boats available. There is no maximum number of races but for the LYCE no race will start after 1200 hours and for the MYCE no race will start after 1630 hours.

Sound System: Races will be started using Appendix S (Sound-Signal Starting System).

Courses: The course and the marks to be used will be hailed by the Race Committee.

Start & Finish: The starting (and finishing) line shall be between the mark indicated by the race committee and the race committee boat person or the race committee may set two marks for the two ends of the line and sight the line from the dock.

Signals: All signals (i.e. Postponement, General Recall, etc.) will be made verbally by the Race Committee.

Time Limit: 45 minutes will be the limit for the first boat to finish a race.

Protests: Protests must be filed within 30 minutes of the RC reaching the Yacht Club deck. Protests will be heard as soon as possible after filing.

Awards: Prizes at the discretion of the race committee will be awarded immediately following the Regatta.


Save the Dates:

Ladies Luncheon September 29 at 11:30am

Commodores Ball October 13th  7pm-11pm

Wednesday, September 12th

Limited Snack Bar Menu 5pm-8pm

Bar 5pm-9pm

Wednesday Night Racing


Thursday, September 13th

Bar 5pm-9pm

Grill Night 6pm-9pm


Friday, September 14th

Bar 12pm-11pm

Dinner 6pm-9pm (Reservations are a MUST)


Saturday, September 15th

Bar 12pm


Sunday, September 16th

Bar 12pm

MYCE/LYCE Regatta 1:45pm

Buffet Dinner 5pm-8pm (Reservations Required)


Tuesday, September 18th

Bar 5pm-9pm

Ladies Sailing 6pm


Wednesday, September 19th

Pub Menu 5pm-8:30pm

Bar 5pm-9pm



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