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It’s been cold, no doubt about it, but we’re almost half way there. Spring springs in another forty-nine days and we just may make it.
So what’s there to do ‘til then? In addition to all of the winter activities – from frostbite sailing to Tea parties, Trivia to shooting trap – I would add one more suggestion. Join a committee.
General Manager Charlie Walsh does an extraordinary job of keeping our club shipshape, and the staff is uniformly excellent. But there is still a mountain of business that gets done every month by volunteers. We need people who are willing to commit to sharing ideas, writing invitations, fundraising for the ALIR, making telephone calls, bringing in new members, and a host of other duties that all need to get done. These volunteers are the true heart of this Club and we could not operate without them.

Volunteering is the easiest way to make the club your own in a very special way. You will meet new friends and find new strengths in old friends. There’s plenty of scientific evidence for the idea that social interaction is as, or more, important for a long and happy life than either diet or exercise — just the kind of thing that you get from working with a group of committed like-minded volunteers. So call the office, get the names of the committee heads, and get involved. Live forever! Why not?

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  1. Dear Commodore,

    My wife’s grandfather was Thomas Dunlop Scott, designer of the Wee Scot sailboat which, for a time I believe, was the class boat used for racing at your club. This was almost 100 years ago. My wife’s father, also Thomas Dunlop Scott, recently passed and at a gathering in his honor there was much discussion about obtaining or building a Wee Scot for the family.

    I’m writing to inquire if you might happen to know of a surviving boat or, at the minimum, a surviving keel. We have located a mast and boom.

    Best regards,
    George Barnett
    609 513 7071

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