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Founded in 1892, Sea Cliff Yacht Club is one of the oldest private member-only Yacht Clubs on Long Island Sound. We promote sailing and boating in the summer months, with opportunities for both racing and cruising. Additionally, our members enjoy a year-round experience in our pristine facilities.
Our well-protected location on Hempstead Harbor provides an ideal place to learn to sail, cruise, or race competitively. We offer full launch and dock service during the summer season. Moorings are available for guests. We own a fleet of Ideal 18’s available to Members. Our adult sailing lessons are a great way to learn and meet fellow Members.
Sea Cliff Yacht Club offers fine dining, bar service, a summer snack bar, a large pool with a sunny deck, and a children’s pool. We have a private beach with plenty of room to rest and relax. Our Club owned paddle boards are available to Members to explore the harbor.
Our youngest Members can participate in long-established, well-recognized summer programs, including Junior Sailing, Swim Team, and Summer Camp for the youngest. There is something for everybody.
Every season provides a new opportunity to enjoy our facilities. During the summer months we offer Ladie’s Sailing Nights, Thursday Night BBQ’s, Sunday Ideal 18 Racing. Our outdoor dining deck is the perfect place to enjoy the stunning Sea Cliff sunsets.  We frequently host parties for our Members, taking full advantage of our facilities and encouraging a fun, social atmosphere. 
In the winter, we gather to celebrate holidays and connect with fellow Members. We have holiday parties, Wednesday Night Pub Night and formal Friday Night Dinners. On Sunday’s we gather in the Regatta Room, light the fireplace, and enjoy the pub menu in our restaurant. Of course, you can always find a few people gathering around the bar. 
Since 1977, we have hosted the Around Long Island Regatta. Also, Junior Sailors from all over Long Island Sound come to compete in our Western District Regatta. We are proud to have a strong fleet of Sunfish and ILCA sailors participate in our winter Frostbiting season.
Our strong culture of volunteerism makes our Club the vibrant place it is. In addition to the Flag and Board, Committees composed of Members of the Club work together to keep our traditions vibrant and to assure our long term viability. 
Sea Cliff Yacht Club is our home away from home.