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A Brief History of The Sea Cliff Yacht Club
The Sea Cliff Yacht Club, Ltd. was founded in 1892 to “encourage its members to become proficient in navigation, in the personal management, control and handling of their yachts, in all aquatic sports, and in the furtherance of social interaction”.  At that time, Sea Cliff was part of the County of Queens.  The Club was one of the earliest members of the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound.
World War I and a deteriorating economy forced a 13 year hiatus, but the Club Charter was reactivated in 1932. Wee Scots, Snipes and sailing canoes engaged in regattas, with the top floor of Tilley's Pavilion serving as a meeting room and sail loft.  Annual dues were $2.00 for Juniors and $5.00 for Seniors. As interest grew, more classes were added and the Club leased the second story of the Sea Cliff Bathing Pavilion in 1936.  Stars, Atlantics, International One Designs, Lawley 110's and 210's and the short lived L.I. One Designs bobbed in the mooring field.
In 1944, a hurricane leveled a good part of the Pavilion, and the Village was forced to use the Club's quarters for bathhouses.  Nearby was a rundown structure known as Foster’s Pavilion which became the new home of the Club.  By 1947, the Club claimed the largest membership in it's history--nearly 400.
One of the most prestigious yachting trophies, the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy, was established in 1961.
A modern dock, float and dry sail hoist were constructed.  There was an addition of an AAU size swimming pool.  In 1980 a fire destroyed the clubhouse and the present one was built.  Many trophies, records, photos and memorabilia were destroyed in the fire.
The Club today is focused on providing healthy relaxation, recreation and instruction for members pursuing sailing, power boating and swimming;  as well as other sports and a pleasant social experience on the same beautiful harbor where the Club Burgee has flown from several Club Flagpoles for over 100 years.
Additionally, the Sea Cliff Yacht Club is the proud host of The Around Long Island Regatta, first run in 1977, covers a 205 nautical mile course combining ocean, harbor and open sound racing. The race’s 10+ divisions include sailboats 24 feet or longer and sailors at all levels who typically finish in one to three days. This unique race is for everyone – weekend cruisers, serious blue-water competitors, double-handers, academy sailing teams, even junior sailors. Racing yachtsmen earn points for the Northern Ocean Racing Trophy and other IRC distance trophies.

Considered Long Island's premier sailing race, the annual Around Long Island Regatta starts on a Thursday near the end of July just off Ellis Island in New York Harbor. The challenging harbor start and prevailing southerlies sets the boats tacking towards the Narrows and out into the Atlantic. The ocean leg parallels Long Island's south shore along Long Beach, Jones Beach, Fire Island, the Hamptons and on to Montauk. Some boats choose the shortest distance hugging the shore while others opt for deeper water in search of better wind.

After rounding Montauk Point, sailors must judge wind, tides and current as they head northwest to Plum Gut, where they hope a favorable current will flush them into the Long Island Sound. The final westerly leg is all about reading wind shifts and working currents to their advantage along Long Island’s north shore or the southern shore of Connecticut. The race ends in beautiful Hempstead Harbor at the Glen Cove breakwater.

The weekend concludes with the ALIR Awards Ceremony and Beach Party hosted by the Sea Cliff Yacht Club on Sunday afternoon. Trophies are awarded for the first three finishers in each division, with many additional awards for various categories. There is always music, food and drink, a welcoming Yacht Club crowd, and great sailing tales – some of which might even be true!