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Ideal 18 Program

The Ideal 18 Program is open to all Members 18 years of age and older. The Adult Sailing Program is a great way to enter to the world of sailing. Experienced sailors can qualify to use the Club’s seven Ideal 18 sailboats by signing up for the program and taking a certification test. Each June and July, free beginners’ classes on Saturday morning are offered to all adult members who wish to learn to sail. Fleet races are held through the season on Sunday afternoons in a casual and friendly atmosphere. All adult members are welcome to participate.

Ladies’ sailing is held on Tuesday evenings. The boats are available for cruising the harbor at almost all other times. The Ideal 18 program is a great way to learn to sail or hone your skills. To find out more, please contact one of the program chairpersons, Jim Arnemann or Doug Wefer.

Program Chairperson Jim Arnemann contact
Program Chairperson Doug Wefer contact