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A Message from the Flag and Board,

We extend a cordial welcome to Sea Cliff and the facilities of the Sea Cliff Yacht Club. Our Club was founded for the purpose of promoting social activities, yachting and other aquatic sports, but it has evolved into so much more. We offer a family friendly environment for our members to socialize in a casual atmosphere that many would call their home away from home.

We strive to make all of our visitors feel welcome, and our Membership and Staff will always be ready to assist in any way during your visit. For your convenience we have listed some information on Club services and protocols to make your visit more enjoyable.


The facilities of Sea Cliff Yacht Club shall be extended to visiting yachtsmen who are members of recognized yacht clubs. Those visitors must register with the main office and apply for a Guest Card. A facility use fee is charged for each visiting yacht. For your convenience, mooring reservations can be made through Sea Cliff Yacht Club accepts VISA, MasterCard, or American Express or participating yacht club accounts as the only means of payment.

Arriving Yachts should hail the Sea Cliff Yacht Club on Channel 9 VHF when approaching the dock for information on mooring availability. Launch service is available by calling on Channel 9 VHF or by sounding three blasts and displaying “T” flag. A pump out station is available at the Main Float at the end of the dock, and fuel is available a short distance away at Brewer’s Marina and Boat Yard. Ice is available for sale at the Dock House.

New York State Law requires that children under 12 wear a life jacket on the dock, dock float, and launch, even if the child is accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visitors should respect this rule and the Dock Master and Launch Operators are required to enforce it at all times.

Proper attire is required at all times in the Clubhouse. Shirts and shoes are always required indoors. Gentlemen should remove their hats upon entering the Clubhouse. Pets are not allowed on Club Property. Nassau County law prohibits smoking on Club property.

The Deck area is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy a meal or a beverage while taking in the scenic beauty of the water view. Tables and lounge chairs cannot be reserved. No towels, beach wear or articles of clothing will be permitted to be hung on the fence surrounding the swimming pool. All sports equipment is prohibited on the deck, on the dock and in the Clubhouse. It may be brought into the locker rooms.

Since time immemorial, seaman and yachtsmen have paused in their activities to honor the American flag (or “the Ensign” as it is nautically known) as it is lowered at sunset. Like all other yacht clubs on Long Island Sound, Sea Cliff continues to honor this tradition. At sunset each day, while the Club is in Commission, a club employee will ring the colors bell near the flagpole. Members, guests and children should stand, remove their hats, and remain silently facing the flag pole as a single cannon salute is fired and the Club burgee and the Ensign are lowered. The ceremony ends when the Club employee rings the bell and calls out, “As you were”.

Sea Cliff Yacht Club offers evening dinners and bar service in our warm and friendly dining room. We also offer a snack bar for light and casual dining. It is against Club rules to bring outside food or beverages to the Club. The only exception is during Grill Nights in the summer season, when the Club’s grill is lit for members to have a casual Barbecue.

Please ask the Clubhouse office staff for information, menus and special events. Reservations are suggested for weekdays and are required for weekend dining.

ON THE DECK: shorts or slacks with collared shirts or blouses.
DINNER: casually elegant attire is accepted.
GENERAL ATTIRE footwear appropriate to a yacht club is expected at all times. No tee shirts or cut-offs are allowed in the club at any time. Denim items are only allowed during lunch hours.

Showers are available for guests on the lower level of the Clubhouse.

Free wifi is available: seacliffpublic

The Village of Sea Cliff has a mandatory recycling law and you will find containers marked for this purpose on the main deck.

The Flag and Board of Governors hope that your visit with us will be memorable and enjoyable.